May 30th, 2017

Gregory Verheecke

Gregory Verheecke (°1981) studied Painting and Illustration (Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent), History of Arts (Ghent University).
His first solo exhibition was at galerie Buda in Asse (Belgium) in 2013. He works and lives in Ghent.

Every drawing starts from nothing; a blank paper waiting to be drawed.
With no idea in mind he starts, trying to break every mental barrier, following his inner intuition.
His drawings grow as nature does.

"I am not interested in giving directions", he says, "everyone will see something different, will have different emotions, I try to open up the possibilities".

Through the process of drawing Verheecke studies his own memories, recurrent themes, mental structures and tries to get a glimpse of his own subconscious, trying to be free using lines and colour.

Often the same symbols and animals appear: birds (freedom), cats (mystery), whales (wisdom), elephants (strength and patience) and eyes (spirituality).

Drawing gives him the feeling of freedom, which he wants to share with the viewer of his work.